10 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

10 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer - Elite Roofing Toronto

Selecting the right roofer is one of the most critical decisions you can make when it comes to protecting your property asset(s). Making a wise choice requires making a well-informed decision–one that will protect your property’s value, assure the safety and comfort of people living or working there, improve the roof’s longevity, and minimize ongoing expenses for years to come.


Here are some questions that will provide insight when considering potential roofers for your residential or commercial roofing project.


  • How long have you been in business?   

Don’t you feel more confident hiring a well-established roofing business with deep roots in the community? While new companies can be satisfactory, and older companies can fall short, longevity reflects a commitment to quality, good customer service, and value. If the company has changed names or closed and reopened, ask why.


  • Are you certified?

Industry certifications indicate that contractors have the necessary skills and experience for your project. They should have approval from the major material manufacturers to install their membranes. Also ensure they are a member of OIRCA (Ontario Industrial Roofing Contractors Association) or the NRCA (National Roofing Contractors Association) for the US market.


10 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer - Elite Roofing Toronto


  • What do you recommend for scope of work?

Before signing any contract, dig into the contractor’s scope of work document, which specifically defines what the recommended work entails, with implications for time, cost, and materials. For example, will the project be a roof overlay, a complete tear-off, or a combination solution? Other details would include the thickness of insulation, whether to use a cover board, and the brand of materials. Your roofer should be open to providing explanations and discussing other options to accommodate your needs.


10 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer - Elite Roofing Toronto


  • Can you provide a list of experience and qualifications for the project foreman? 

Project success calls for a foreman who has technical mastery of materials and techniques, efficiently manages resources, provides leadership to the work crew, and ensures that each aspect of the job he oversees is done correctly. These skills take years to acquire, especially for large commercial projects.


  • Can you provide references from similar projects completed in the past three years?

References of past projects should include the type of project and description, location, the project’s value, date completed, and contact information. Also find out about major projects underway and their scheduled completion dates.


  • What does your warranty offer?

A major roof repair or replacement, whether for a commercial or residential property, is a major investment. Your warranty protects you from paying out-of-pocket for problems caused by faulty materials, poor labor or workmanship, or damage that occurs over the roof’s lifetime—as long as you follow the terms as stated. Warranties come in many shapes and sizes, each with different levels of exposure if your roof fails.

Three of the most critical items are:

  • The time period of the warranty 
  • Whether the warranty covers materials only (known as a manufacturer’s warranty), materials and labor associated with repairing defects, or workmanship during roof installation
  • Indications of what is covered, what is not, limitations, and restrictions based on whether the warranty is on the contractor’s letterhead or issued by membrane manufacturer.


  • Can you provide the following documents?

  • WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) clearance certificate 
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Copy of site-specific health and safety procedures in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act


10 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer - Elite Roofing Toronto


  • Can the project be bonded with a surety company?

A surety bond ensures that the roofer complies with relevant laws and performs the work agreed to in the contract. Bonds can provide a financial compensation if the roofer doesn’t complete agreed-upon work, delays completion, delivers low-quality work, or similar contractual issues. 


  • When can you begin the project?

You will want to know when the roofer can begin your project. The start date can affect property usage (such as employee work shifts and equipment/goods stored in a commercial facility), finances, weather-related situations, attention to the project, and the projected completion date.


  • How long will it take for the project to be completed? 

You may be waiting to make personal or business decisions based on when your roof repair or replacement will be complete, especially if there is a significant financial outlay. If you’ve already made future plans, you want to be sure the roofing project doesn’t interfere. Ask about a realistic completion date, ask references if their projects were completed on time, and reasons for any delays.


Ask the Right Questions to Select the Right Contractor

Just as you wouldn’t buy a car or major appliance without asking questions, you wouldn’t choose your roofing contractor without determining their credibility, experience, work quality, and contractual terms. Knowing what to ask potential roofers will help protect your property and give you peace of mind. Get honest answers from a trustworthy roofing company in Toronto and surrounding areas by contacting Elite Roofing and Contractors Limited.