Asphalt vs. Adhesives; Which Is Better For Your Commercial Flat Roof?

One of the oldest and perhaps the best method for bonding insulation within a flat built up roof assembly is by applying hot asphalt. For over 150 years, asphalt has been used to bond roofing layers together (including vapour retardant, insulation, cover board and membrane), creating a waterproof seal that protects all of the layers beneath it.

sample from on the roof photography series by Josh Katz

Rethinking Spaces: On The Roof Gives Us A New Way To Rethink Under-Utilized Urban Spaces

When nationwide lockdowns went into effect in March of 2020, city dwellers were hit especially hard. People who live in urban city centers do not rely on their homes for much of anything outside of sleeping. It was fine to have a tiny apartment, because friends were seen in restaurants, at events, at parks. When COVID hit, almost all of these options were shut down, and especially in New York City, people got creative.

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