Industrial Food Processing Plant Roof Replacement in Toronto

roofing replacement with HVAC units throughout from aerial view surrounded by trees

Industrial Food Processing Plant Roof Client                 

Building Address:

1295 Ormont Drive

Toronto, Ontario


Doing any kind of construction on buildings where food is processed is generally more complex than a regular industrial roof. For this building specifically, we accommodated a modified work schedule due to the food processing below, and we also had to take into consideration the HVAC and refrigeration systems already in place on the roof of the structure. There was some equipment that was either not possible to disconnect or disconnected for a narrow specific time limit and we developed the necessary workaround solutions to accommodate the client.


Our Approach

We worked with the building owners so that production could continue running smoothly, and opted for a built-up asphalt and gravel, 1 ply #15 perforated organic felt and 3 plies of type 4 glass felt built-up roof, which can stand up to frequent foot traffic and weathers the change of seasons well.


industrial roof - Bakery Production Facility – Weston Road and Finch Avenue West, Ontario - Elite Roofing and Contractors Limited


Our Method

Because this project was completed in the summer, we had to be cognizant of both the temperatures on the roof (which can become extremely hot), as well as the equipment congestion. The process for replacing this roof was laid out by the client. They had defined timelines for each section of work to be completed with no margin for delays on our end. We worked several weekends to ensure that all was completed on time. As you can see from the image above, there was an abnormally large number of roof projections to contend with, especially over the tunnel ovens, while doing this installation. Our client wanted to invest in a roofing membrane that would provide protection for the high-traffic roof areas over the long-term, which is why we chose one of our most durable material combinations.


industrial roof - Bakery Production Facility – Weston Road and Finch Avenue West, Ontario - Elite Roofing and Contractors Limited



Building Type: Industrial Food Processing Plant
Square Footage: 73,441
Roof Membrane (field area): 1 ply #15 perforated organic felt paper, 3 plies type #4 glass felt, flood coat of hot asphalt and ⅜” pea gravel built-up roof
Flashing Membrane: 2 plies SBS modified bitumen with an asphalt mopped base sheet and torch welded granular surfaced cap sheet
Insulation: 0.5” fibreboard applied in hot asphalt over 1.5” ISO mechanically fastened
Vapour retardant: reinforced paper with 3” side laps applied with adhesive at side/end laps
Substrate: Steel deck Warranty: 2 years workmanship plus 10 year Johns Manville manufacturer’s workmanship
Special Considerations: In-service food processing facility, High Traffic Roof


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The project was completed efficiently and with minimal disturbance to the food production that was ongoing within the building. With every roofing project, listening to the concerns of our clients is our top priority, and because of our experience in the field, we are often able to provide durable solutions even for complex multi-purpose roofs like this one. If you’re looking for a trusted roofing partner in Toronto, Ontario, contact Elite Roofing here. We’re available 24/7 to answer all of your roofing questions. That’s the Elite Advantage.