Four Seasons Hotel Call Centre Tower – North York, Ontario, Canada

Commercial Roof Client: four seasons logo

The Four Seasons Call Centre


1165 Leslie Street

North York, Ontario


Our Approach

This high-profile office tower operated 24-hours a day, so a low-odour and low-noise repair method was crucial to keep the office running as usual. Working with the client, we created a strict protocol and schedule in order to minimize disruptions as much as possible. We are happy to report that business remained running as usual for the duration of the repair.



Our Method

Cold-adhesive product was chosen for this project in order to minimize odours that can occur when using traditional hot asphalt. This method also eliminated the need for open flame torched, which were not permitted according to the rules of the building. We utilized a large truck-mounted crane and exterior-mounted trash chute to eliminate the need for a hydraulic hoist on the roof. These external items also greatly reduce noise, which was a top concern for the client.



Why We Chose This Membrane

2-Ply SBS Modified Bitumen was the perfect solution for this client. This membrane is flexible with regard to installation processes, while still maintaining the safety and longevity of the roof. This is especially advantageous for this office. Because the office is 24/7, roofing replacements are an extra challenge. This membrane allowed us to install while work was going on, and will stand the test of time.




Building Type: Office

Type of Project: Partial Roof Replacement

Square Footage: 11,753

Roof Membrane:  2-PLY SBS modified bitumen – applied in cold adhesive

Flashing Membrane: 2-ply SBS modified bitumen – applied in cold adhesive

Insulation: 0.5″ Soprafibre coverboard

Deck Type:  Concrete


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