Partial Roof Replacement for the Toronto Roundhouse

Toronto Roundhouse roof replacement

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255 Bremner Blvd.

Toronto, Canada


Scope of Work

  • Removal and disposal of existing “coal tar pitch” roof down to the wood substrate.
  • Vapour retardant: 2 ply reinforced kraft paper with adhesive.
  • Base layer of Insulation: 3.0″ ISO mechanically fastened.
  • Insulation overlay: 0.5″ coated fibreboard applied in hot asphalt.

Building uses: Toronto Railway MuseumSteam Whistle Brewery


Partial Roof Replacement


Our Approach

Working with heritage buildings is quite different than most roofing replacements that we do. Preserving the original integrity of the structure is of the utmost importance, and in this case, the specifications for the partial roof replacement were provided by the architect.


Our Method

The replacement of this roof needed to be completed in multiple stages due to the delicate nature of the structure. A portion of the roof [Phase 1] was replaced during a major renovation that encompassed the majority of the building, and we worked with the other renovations going on in order to do the most work with the least disruption.


Partial Roof Replacement



We worked over the Steam Whistle Brewery while they kept their event space/restaurant/outdoor patio open.  We also worked over the brewery production and shipping/packaging areas. As a result, there was a requirement for interior tarping.

There were numerous areas of rotten wood substrate that needed to be replaced in a manner that conformed to project requirements as the underside of the deck substrate is visible from the interior of the premises.  Special lumber was used to match existing wood deck substrate material and appearance.

There was an issue with the self-adhered base sheet membrane upturn due to contamination with the coal tar pitch residue.  We involved the technical staff at IKO to design an appropriate detail to adhere to the base flashing membrane over asphalt protection board, where required.

The curved design of the building and sloped substrate required our membrane layout to be done in a manner that allowed for the proper laddering of materials starting at the roof drains and/or eaves.

The heritage status of this building meant that we took great care to preserve as many original elements of the building as possible, and we are pleased to report that the replacement fixed the roofing issues without compromising the designation of the building.  Our work was even commended by the Roundhouse Development Corporation.


round house contract



Roof area: 48,940 square feet

Deck Type: tongue and groove wood

Roof Membrane (field area): 2 ply IKO SBS modified bitumen hot asphalt applied 180-gram base sheet and thermofusible 250-gram charcoal grey granular surfaced cap sheet

Flashing Membrane (perimeter and roof upturns): 2 ply IKO SBS modified bitumen hot asphalt applied and self-adhered 180-gram base sheet and thermofusible 250-gram charcoal grey granular surfaced cap sheet.


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