roof maintenance contract paperwork on a desk

Roof Maintenance Plans Are Essential For Building Maintenance, Here’s Why

The roof of your building is one of the most essential elements built for its protection. Problems left unattended, for whatever the reason, grow in size and repair cost exponentially. Roof maintenance plans are the secret ingredient for catching issues before they become catastrophic to your building, and your insurance premiums.

asphaltic core board

Asphaltic Core Boards vs. Glass-Faced Gypsum Cover Boards: Here’s What You Need To Know

As we’ve previously covered on the blog, there are five main types of cover board materials, each is best suited to the method of attachment in the roof assembly and the type and method of roof membrane being installed over top, and each with its own benefits. In this week’s article, we’re focusing on the pros and cons of Asphaltic Core Boards and Glass-Faced Gypsum boards to help you make a more informed decision when it comes to your roof health.

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Roofing Safety Essentials: What You Need To Know To Protect Your Team, And Your Liability

There are several steps that should be taken prior to commencing any roofing project that every contractor should put in place. Safety training, combined with adequate safeguards, identification of site specific hazards, planning around any identified hazards, inspection of equipment and the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE) will all ensure that the workers on your roof, and occupants within the building in question, are kept as safe as possible.

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