Elite Roofing takes pride in serving the community that has supported it since 1956. The company’s stakeholders uphold these ideals in a variety of ways, including supporting charities through donations of time and money.

Making A Difference This Year With Canada’s Food Banks

For the past several years, the team at Elite has been partnering with Second Harvest and other food banks across Canada to provide those who need it with meals throughout the year. This week, we’d like to spotlight the amazing work that these organizations are doing, and invite our readers to help contribute to ending hunger in Canada. Every single year, millions of pounds of quality foods go to waste in Canada. With over 3 million Canadians living below the poverty line, this food is crucial to helping Canadian families survive.

a group of construction workers stand over a construction site

2021 Has Seen A Steep Increase In The Cost of Raw Materials: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

“It’s an understatement to say that the last year has thrown things a little out of whack. The cost of raw building materials, unfortunately, has not been spared, and prices are set to increase substantially over the next twelve months. If you are a building owner looking to begin a project, or you have already started a project, you’re probably wondering what this means for your business and your bottom line. So how do you know what to expect with price increases on the horizon? Here’s what happens during periods of rising prices from the perspective of your contractor:

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