Roof Replacement on a 6-Storey Residential Apartment Building Built in 1960

Project Specifications

Project Details

Client Name: Ranee Management (repeat client)
Address: 521-523 Finch Avenue West, Toronto (North York neighborhood)
Project: Roof replacement on a 6-storey Residential Apartment building built in 1960
Project Timeframe: September 5, 2023 – November 15, 2023

Client Goal/Purpose of Project

The membrane on their roof was failing, causing excessive active leaks throughout the building. We had never worked on the building for the former landlord, with the existing roofing installed by other contractors. What we found before and during the project presented numerous challenges, requiring flexibility and transparency.

Client Testimonial

Key Challenges

After multiple service visits over the past few years, the client was no longer satisfied with the poorly performing roofing system, realizing it was time for a complete roof replacement. The existing roof membrane was installed with asphalt BUR (built-up roof), a second layer of ballasted EPDM membrane, and 10-12 lbs per sft of river stone–a combination of materials that made roof removal a laborious process. Here are some of the key challenges we faced during the project:


Management & Execution


The Elite team went above and beyond to resolve the multiple issues we encountered during project implementation, without derailing the roof removal or replacement. We successfully met the goal of re-roofing the complex without significant impact on the tenants–even with repeated and unanticipated challenges.

We attribute much of the success to the factors below.


The #EliteAdvantage

Successfully planning and implementing a roof replacement for a multi-unit apartment complex is a major undertaking under optimal circumstances. So many things can go awry. Our advice for roofers is always to be ready to adapt quickly on the job site without deviating from the ultimate primary goal set at the beginning of the project.  

When hiring a roofing contractor, look for one with relevant experience and the technical knowledge to execute the original scope of work plus overcome unexpected challenges. Other characteristics to look for include transparency with clients, project leadership skills, and a commitment to meeting the client’s priorities. Elite Roofing is committed to getting the best results for our clients, aligning with their priorities and meeting whatever challenges come our way.