Commercial Roof Restoration and Roof Anchor Installation in York

anchor blueprint

Commercial Flat Roof Restoration 

This commercial building roof restoration client required roof anchor installation


890 Jane St

York, ON, M6N 4C3, Canada


The Ask

890 Jane Street in York, just North of Toronto, was in need of building restoration work. In order to facilitate this, 17 new roof anchors needed to be installed so that work safety measures were up to code for the use of a suspended stages. 


Our Approach 


Phase 1: Prepping the roof

The roof anchor locations were marked by the MJH crew based on the engineering drawings pictured (see above). The Elite team shoveled back the stone ballast and removed the extruded polystyrene insulation to expose the roof membrane at the anchor locations, and the roof membrane was cut back from the concrete substrate at the marked locations, wherever possible. 


anchor in progress

Phase 2: Roof anchor installation

Once the roof was prepped, the anchor team from MJH drilled the anchor holes into the structural concrete roof slab. The anchors were placed into position and the epoxy chemicals were applied at the (4) holes for each anchor. Once the bolts and anchors were placed correctly, the team waited approximately one hour for the bolts to cure. 

Phase 3: Repairing the membrane 

Once the anchors were cured, the Elite team installed spun aluminum anchor flashings around each of the roof anchors as well as 2 plies of SBS modified bitumen roofing membrane. 2” extruded polystyrene insulation was installed where needed, and then the stone ballast was shoveled back over the insulation.


Phase 4: Testing

After the area was cleaned of debris, the anchors were weight tested to ensure they were working properly and there were no movement issues. 


fully installed roof anchor


Special Considerations 

This project had tight timelines to ensure that the restoration work could proceed. Inverted roofs, especially older flat concrete substrates on apartment buildings do not drain well as the evaporation of rainwater is much slower when the roof is covered with insulation and ballast. This made scheduling even tighter to ensure that the work was completed in advance of a coming large rainstorm. We also added 2 additional roof drains prior to the roof anchor installation to clear rainwater sooner. The roof anchors were successfully installed, and Anco Building Restoration was able to begin the restoration safely with their crew.


Building Height: 14 stories
Building Height: 14 stories
Roof area: 11,690 sqft.
Membrane Type: Inverted 4 ply built-up
Membrane Type: Inverted 4 ply built-up
Insulation: 2” extruded polystyrene
Insulation: 2” extruded polystyrene
Ballast: ¾” crushed limestone
Ballast: ¾” crushed limestone


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The roof anchors were successfully installed, and Anco Building Restoration was able to begin the restoration safely with their crew. If you are considering adding roof anchors to your building, contact us here. We’re available 24/7 to answer all of your roofing questions. That’s the Elite Advantage.