Community Spotlight: Chai Lifeline

elite team at chai lifeline event

At Elite, one of the pillars of our business is giving back to our communities. The Elite team has worked with several charities over the years, regularly participating in events and drives to help those in need. This month, one of our newest team members, Erin Richardson represented Elite Roofing & Contractors at the Hilton Hotel in Toronto, where she rappelled off a35 story building in the heart of the downtown core, surrounded by skyscrapers and the CN Tower.

Chai Lifeline Canada teamed up with Over the Edge for this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Over the Edge supports non-profit organizations in running unique, profitable, and exciting urban rappelling fundraising events.  This event raised a total of $238,000 to date out of their $250,000 goal.

Erin Richardson’s Rappelling Experience
“The experience was one I will never forget”, says Erin, who took the long elevator ride up to the 35th floor ready to experience some of the heights that our roofing team handles on a regular basis. 

community team

Erin suited up in safety gear that is not unlike some of the safety equipment we use for our daily work routine and spent the next 11 minutes walking down the side of the building while secured to a lifeline and wearing a five-point harness, helmet, GoPro camera, and gloves.

“Just being on the roof was scary, but this is a daily task for roofers and they do it fearlessly every day”, she continued. “It really gave me insight into the difficulty and expertise that is required for the kind of work that our roofers do.

What Chai Lifeline Canada Does
Chai Lifeline is an organization built to give resources to families dealing with a child or children with serious illnesses. For fifteen years, Chai Lifeline has supported thousands of families through their family resources and services, which include everything from transportation to a special summer camp for kids who cannot go to regular camp due to their medical needs.

Chai Lifeline

How Others Can Help 
Chai Lifeline provides dozens of services to the families in their communities. If you’d like to check out a full list of the programs that Chai Lifeline offers, click here. Together we have the ability to create a brighter future, and we are proud of Erin for taking the plunge and reaching great heights. As for spending more time up on the roof, Erin said she would be happy to, but only “if her life depended on it!”