High Rise Apartment Roof Replacement in Oshawa

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High-Rise Apartment Building Roof Client

Building Address:

745 Stevenson Rd. N.

Oshawa, Ontario


When it comes to roof replacement for a high-rise apartment building, usually our team encounters predictable challenges. With the Rosslyn Arms Apartments in Oshawa however, our team really had to utilize creative thinking to ensure this project was completed successfully.

The Rosslyn Arms is a 12 story building in Oshawa that at the time of our replacement was housing extensive equipment from three separate cellular carriers (ClearNet, Bell, and Rogers). As you can see from the image above, this meant that there was a lot of equipment present crowding the roof. When planning the replacement with the property managers, our team had to develop a staggered approach that would ensure that the cellular equipment was not compromised for an extended period of time, and that we communicated with each of the providers so that they could prepare for the outages.


The Approach

On top of having extensive active cellular equipment on the roof, the apartment also had a lot of abandoned cellular railings, post mounts. This equipment had to be removed from the roof and disposed of correctly before starting work. Our team decided on a staged approach that involved close coordination with cell carriers. We would relocate a portion of the equipment to another area of the roof, work on this section, and then reinstall the equipment so that cell service was not disturbed. Unfortunately, not all of the cell equipment could be moved, so we factored in working around permanent fixtures in order to facilitate the completion of the roof without damaging that equipment.


Roof prior to replacement. Roof Replacement for a High-Rise Apartment Building in Oshawa Ontario
Roof Prior to Replacement


Our Method

The original roof for this structure was a BUR system, which wasn’t working well considering how much regular foot traffic occurred on this roof. With the installation of a protected membrane roof assembly as show below, our team was able to replace the damaged roofing membrane and install a 2ply SBS modified bitumen membrane that will protect this high traffic space long-term. 2ply SBS is one of the best membrane options for high traffic areas that also have machinery constraints. We chose this material because it works well in tight spaces, and is compatible with asphalt-based roofing compounds.


Roof Replacement for a High-Rise Apartment Building in Oshawa Ontario - roof during construction
Installation in Progress

Even though this project had its challenges, our team was able to complete the job in agreed upon time frame.  There was no  sacrificing the cellular equipment on the roof or interrupting service for extended periods of time. Curious about our roofing work, check out our service page Services here.



Building Height: 12 stories
Roof area: 12,535 sqft.
Membrane Type: 2 ply SBS modified bitumen
Insulation:  2.0″ XPS
Deck Type: Concrete


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