If This Year Has Taught Us Anything, It’s The Power of Coming Together

If This Year Has Taught Us Anything, It's The Power of Coming Together

As we near the end of 2020, nobody can argue that this was a year that presented families, individuals, and businesses with exceptional challenges. Lockdowns separated loved ones, businesses struggled to get on board with the Zoom revolution, and creating a safe space for returning back to work was of the utmost concern. While many businesses have bounced back from the pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, unemployment continues to climb.

As an essential business, Elite Roofing was fortunate enough to remain open and working during most of the pandemic closures (with extensive safety protocols in place). Many businesses were not so lucky, having to shut down entirely or massively downsizing their workforce. This year, more than any other, we felt compelled to give back to those who are struggling during this very trying time.


Before the pandemic, it was estimated that 4.5 million Canadians experience food insecurity. In the first two months of the pandemic, the CFCC (Community Food Centres Canada) stated that the number had ballooned by 39%.

As of October 16th, it is estimated that 1 in 7 Canadians has experienced food insecurity during the pandemic, and of those that are food insecure, 79% said it takes a toll on their physical health.

This is why we’ve decided to up our giving this year, focusing on two food banks in the GTA; Second Harvest and Vaughan Food Bank.

Second Harvest

Second Harvest is Canada’s largest food rescue charity. When we heard about how they not only support hunger relief but also reduce food waste in Canada, we knew we had to help. Especially during times like these, it is alarming to think that 58% of the food produced in Canada is wasted every single year, food that could be used to help the many people who are in need, now more than ever.

In these challenging times, it is so important for us to provide help to those in need, specifically within the GTA.  We have been extremely fortunate to remain open during these times, and believe it is our responsibility to give back.

In the last year, Second Harvest has rescued over 15 million pounds of food and serviced 500 food-insecure communities. We are thrilled to report that our donation to their food bank will provide over 19,000 meals for people experiencing food insecurity across Ontario. With our donation, Second Harvest will be able to provide over 6000 people a full day of meals.