More Than Roofing: The Benefits of Working With A Family Owned Business

Photo of Dad, Sam & Howard

Over the last 60 years, Elite Roofing has grown exponentially from its humble beginnings. Started by Abram Glowinsky z’l in 1956, Elite has expanded to a company with over 50 dedicated team members and projects that range from residential homes to commercial roofs that span over 250,000 square feet.  We attribute our growth to the vast knowledge that has been passed down from generation to generation. Howard Glowinsky was mentored by his father Isaac (Ike), who was in turn mentored by Abram. The care that we take with each of our projects comes not only from a passion for the roofing industry, but from three generations of quality and trust.

Our Team Is Focused On Long-Term Goals
At Elite, our goal is to maintain our business for generations to come. When we work with you, we are focused on the lifetime of your building, not just completing the project as we hope to be the ones maintaining the property for the next 1-2 decades. In fact, many of our clients come back to us after their initial project if their roof needs repairs or maintenance, or they are starting a new project. Each of our roofing projects has the advantage of being overseen by a team that has been working in the roofing industry, and together, for over twenty years, giving us insights into roofing trends and material longevity from personal experience.

We’ve Seen It All
The Elite team has repaired or replaced in excess of 20 million square feet of roofing during its existence, and we’ve seen almost every roofing issue under the sun. Many of our clients come to us with complex repairs that require multiple approaches to reconcile. Because we keep a detailed account of each of our projects, we’re able to pull from them and figure out the best solution for the project at hand.

Our Team Is Always There
Our team works as a whole unit, which means that you’ll have the support of not just one of our associates, but the entire team. One point of difference with Elite Roofing is that we have family groups working within our company.  Whether it’s fathers who mentor their sons, brothers, or other relatives we have informal networks where younger staff both discuss and rely on senior foremen when problem-solving.

We Value Ethics Over All
In its three generations, each of our Elite Directors has taken the lessons from his predecessor, building a business that lasts. Upholding the highest standards of ethics at Elite Roofing is the reason that our clients keep coming back. They know that when they come to us for a repair or replacement, they are working with a company that values their relationships with their clients above all else.

At Elite, we believe that the lessons we have learned from each generation of our business benefit our clients with each project.  Working together to put forth high-quality solutions for our clients gives us an immense sense of pride and purpose, and we hope to continue, G-d willing, for many years to come.

If you’re looking to replace or repair your roof, get in touch with us. Our team is always happy to help. Get to know the Elite Family, or watch our story here.