New Industrial Roofing Project at Business Park in Aurora


Building Address

305 & 325 Addison Hall Circle, Aurora

Multi-Unit Industrial Facility 

Addison Hall Business Park, Aurora



Terry Sarna – Dorlan Engineering



Joe DeCicco – Global Architect Inc.


The Ask

We were awarded the industrial roofing project for the all-new Addison Hall Business Park, an industrial space in a high-growth area 30 minutes north of Toronto. The start date was February 2022.   


New Industrial Roofing Project at Business Park in Aurora


Key Challenges and Solutions

Elite is proud of how we work with vendors and other contractors to get the job done on a timely basis, within budget, and using high-quality workmanship. However, external factors beyond our control can cause any number of issues.


New Industrial Roofing Project at Business Park in Aurora


We faced these challenges during the construction of this new Toronto-area industrial property:

  • Logistical challenges based on the large size and complexity of the building 
  • Potential delays caused by Toronto’s harsh winter weather  
  • Difficulty sourcing materials and supplies because of supply chain issues 
  • Shortages and rapid price escalation in the purchasing stage
  • Fast-paced, multiple rounds of supply and price changes that magnified the effect of supply chain issues
  • The need to allocate two crews simultaneously to complete both buildings on schedule  
  • Identifying multiple suppliers for a variety of metal detailing colors, wall assemblies, and custom products 



Price Containment of Materials

Usually, roofing materials are purchased and delivered according to the scheduled installation time frame. In this time of supply chain issues, however, it may take time to source materials, and any delay in purchasing can mean getting hit by a significant price increase. One strategy to contain costs is to purchase materials early, requiring them to be stored on site, possibly well before scheduled installation.


New Industrial Roofing Project at Business Park in Aurora


Fortunately, the site set-up in this project allowed us to purchase and have materials shipped to the site early, even though the building structure was not yet in place. Elite’s long-standing relationships with suppliers strengthened our ability to source hard-to-find materials and expedite purchasing and delivery. Our expert crews coordinated multiple ground deliveries from different vendors, protected the stored materials from weather, and scheduled crews and machinery to handle and crane the materials to the roof as and when needed.


Expert Skills and Coordination

This project required advanced industrial roofing techniques, including tapered insulation. Architectural details included placement of the overflow scuppers, upturn flashing details, and parapet construction. The size and complex design of the buildings required close coordination with multiple crews and other trades to keep the project waterproofed and provide proper work access in and around the building. Elite’s experience coordinating with engineers, architects, project managers, and other tradespeople enabled work to continue smoothly to completion. 


New Industrial Roofing Project at Business Park in Aurora

Industrial Business Park Outcome

Larger projects require large blocks of time, making them hard to schedule–especially in the winter, when weather conditions result in more non-working days. This repeat client was satisfied with the outcome, and the shorter cycle had a positive impact on the outlay of cash flow and retention of holdback monies. 


  • Building Height: 40’
  • Roof area: Two buildings at 104,565 sq.ft. per building, totalling 209,130 sq.ft.
  • Membrane Type: 2-ply SBS modified bitumen membrane
  • Insulation: Two layers of 2.5” ISO and 0.5” perlite coverboard   
  • Ballast: N/A
  • Flashings: 2-ply SBS modified bitumen membrane 
  • Metal copings: 26 gauge metal – 3 different colours (this was a challenge)
  • Precast paver walkway on each building consisting of over 900 – 2’x2’ pavers or 1,800 lin ft per building installed over extruded polystyrene insulation supports.


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