Wrapping Up 2023, with New Opportunities for 2024

Wrapping Up 2023, with New Opportunities for 2024.

Welcome to 2024! The Elite Roofing team wishes every one of our customers a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. As a business with deep roots in Toronto, we value the local business community’s trust in our integrity, craftsmanship, and customer care. We also extend our gratitude to our suppliers and other partners who have accommodated and supported us in so many ways. Our business prospered in 2023, despite some continued pandemic-related difficulties. Our crews, supervisors, and office staff worked hard to successfully complete projects in collaboration with our commercial, industrial, and apartment complex customers. We trust that 2024 will be even better with even better new opportunities!


Some of our most satisfying roofing projects require creative solutions.

Residential Complex in Toronto 

A new multi-unit residential complex at 41 and 51 Brookwell Drive featured our ability to plan for buildings occupied by tenants and adapt to many challenges. We met our goals thanks, in part, to our project management skills, along with expertise in carefully scheduling and coordinating with other construction vendors. Brookwell Drive, Toronto, Northwoods Village Multi-Unit Residential Complex Roof Replacement. Wrapping Up 2023, with New Opportunities for 2024

Multi-Unit Industrial Development, Aurora

Our work for a new multi-unit industrial development in Aurora, near Toronto, faced a series of external challenges beyond our control. Logistics, harsh weather, supply chain shortages, and rapid price escalations all played a part. Our expertise, project management skills, strong relationships with suppliers all contributed to our completing work on-time and within budget. Wrapping Up 2023, with New Opportunities for 2024

We believe in giving back to our community.

Volunteering for Second Harvest of Toronto: One of our favorite community service projects is hands-on volunteering with Second Harvest Food Bank of Toronto. This unique organization finds and “rescues” surplus food. It uses its distribution network to provide it to Canadians experiencing food insecurity. 

This past year, seven Elite employees (including Isaac and Howard Glowinsky) sorted an incredible 985 pounds for distribution to Canadians in need. You can donate or learn more about this worthy organization.The Elite Roofing team volunteering and packaging carrots for Second Harvest. Wrapping Up 2023, with New Opportunities for 2024

As a leader in the industry, we provide relevant online content for our customers.

There’s an endless supply of online content, but much of it is low quality or not useful for our customers. As an industry leader in Toronto, we only publish online content that provides meaningful, educational, and relevant information. Below are our top five favorites.

12 Essential Steps for Managing a Commercial Roofing Project in Toronto

This article walks through the steps of this complex process. The article begins with the first step, understanding the project’s requirements. It then moves on to other critical areas, such as regular on-site visits, project supervision, interior tarping, sticking to the schedule and budget, and more. We always stress quality work and professionalism at all levels to allow for better problem-solving and a smoother process.

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Post-Project Tasks Critical to the Success of Commercial Flat Roof Replacements

One of the keys to Elite’s success is leveraging project management tools to organize and coordinate every aspect of the job. The article highlights project necessities, such as roof inspections, documentation, clean-up upon job completion, warranties, collaboration with other trades, and maintaining the roof for a longer life. 

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Which is the Correct Roof Assembly Type for My Commercial Building in Toronto?

One of the most frequent questions customers ask is what type of roof assembly is appropriate for the project. The answer varies based on dozens of variables, so there is never one right answer. This piece provides the pros and cons of commonly used roofing materials and installation techniques: 4-5 ply BUR, 2-3 ply hybrid BUR, 2-ply SBS modified bitumen, 1-ply membranes, and inverted and protected roof membrane assemblies.

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10 Tips to Choosing the Right Roofing Company for Your Toronto HACCP Facility

Roofing for HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) facilities is one of our specialty areas, for which Elite has special certification. HACCP facilities use a rigorous framework to identify, plan for, implement, monitor, and control potential problems before they occur. This article covers the roof’s impact on food integrity and the roofer’s responsibility.   

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Don’t Put Off Repairs—Act While the Sun is Shining

The foundation of this article is an especially pertinent quote by John F. Kennedy, “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” The interpretation we discuss is the importance of being proactive about fixing things when times are good—not just for roofing, but in our personal lives. We discuss needing to be proactive in building stronger relationships, acting on social issues, and focusing on personal growth.

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We only hire the best, including our newest team member.

Elite Roofing team - Emanuela. Wrapping Up 2023, with New Opportunities for 2024Meet Emanuela Savio, our Customer Service professional.

Originally from Italy, Emanuela, has been a proud Toronto resident 2016. She holds a diploma in tourism and travel services. With a passion for languages, Emanuela has served the Italian government in aiding German and English-speaking tourists.

Emanuela now serves as our Accounts Receivable and Service Dispatch Coordinator. Alongside her professional pursuits, Emanuela holds a degree in singing and has a deep love for music. She enjoys live performances, dancing, traveling, and crafting delicious Italian meals for her husband and two boys.


Other highlights for Elite Roofing in 2023

Support Our Troops National Scholarship Program

Our troops in uniform make a big sacrifice in serving our country, being away from their families, frequently relocating, and then transitioning back to civilian life. We are proud to contribute to our Support Our Troops, which provides educational scholarships for military families. Recipients have gone on to earn degrees in counseling and psychology, nursing, engineering, and social work.

2023 Summit Level Contractor, awarded by Johns Manville

This prestigious award is only given to a select group of professional contractors who have demonstrated their commitment to excellence by installing JM Commercial Roofing Systems with the highest level of quality and expertise. Elite has strived to provide the best possible service for 65 years. We plan to go above and beyond in 2024!summit-level-award

Small Business Health and Safety Leadership Awards from WSIB

Keeping our Elite Roofing family safe is our top priority. The health and safety award from WSIB (Workers Safety and Insurance Board) recognizes achievement in the health and safety achievements of independently-owned and operated small businesses. We take health and safety seriously, always ensuring our employees have proper training, personal safety devices, and the tools they need for rooftop safety.

We are taking a positive stance for 2024.

2023 was still a year of recovery from the difficult years that came before. Our Elite team is grateful for all the positive things we celebrated in 2023. We will continue to cultivate a sense of gratitude and positivity in 2024.

Here at Elite, we expect new business opportunities to arise, especially with roofing innovations in sustainability, materials development, the use of technology. We will keep our commitment to being knowledgeable about industry trends and techniques so we can bring your roofing projects to life.

From all of us at Elite, Happy New Year!

We wish you great success in 2024! We look forward to partnering with you throughout the year and for many years to come.