Our Partners: We Found The Best So You Don’t Have To

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When our clients think about their roof, they usually think about it as one whole structure that works to protect the interior of their building. However, a roof is actually made up of multiple segments that work together to stabilize and protect the structures beneath it. Repairs, replacements, and new roofing construction are often not just about installing the right membrane, but also encompass expert work in the fields of masonry, demolition, and interior tarping for safety (to name a few). If you’re a building owner, you know how difficult it already is to find a roofer you can trust. That’s why the Elite team comes equipped with trusted partners that are able to take care of any extras that may be required for your roofing job. 

This week, we’re featuring Nusens, one of our most trusted partners. We’re letting you in on some of our most successful projects together, and how our teams function in order to ensure that your project goes smoothly, and your roofing project is as safe and worry-free as possible. 


Project 1: Masonry At 585 Canarctic Drive

The Project: 
The scope of work for this 36,830 sq ft roof was extensive. Not only was a full roofing replacement needed, but masonry parapet walls above the roof were exposed and at risk of falling off the building. This roof was in need of a comprehensive plan to resolve building envelope issues, so Elite worked together with Nusens to tackle these elements head-on.

How We Did It: 
During the initial inspection, it was discovered by the Elite team that the top course(s) of split rib blocks on the parapet walls were loose. This was of course a hazard for both the building structure and for any repairs that would need to be carried out on the roof itself.

In order for metal copings and the new roof membrane to be installed, any loose masonry would have to be dealt with first in order to avoid major structural issues and future roof failures. The team at Nusens first repaired the masonry, and once the parapet walls were solid, the roof membrane was installed on top. The result was a sound roofing system that will stand the test of time.

The main concern for both teams with this particular project was the reinforcement of the masonry blocks. In order to ensure that the Elite team had a strong foundation to lay down the roofing membrane, the Nusens team:

  • a. Removed the top course using mortar chipping saws (eliminating dust creation).
  • b. Drilled rebar dowels into the solid courses.
  • c. Cleaned the existing masonry blocks, which included removing any mortar or grout from them.
  • d. Laid the newly cleaned blocks with a non-shrink grout to stabilize.


    Project 2: Interior Tarping at 5 Tilbury Court

The Project:
The client for this project asked the Elite team to help remove and dispose of two 21-foot high abandoned incinerator stacks that were left on the roof. As you can imagine, disposing of a 21-foot concrete chimney composed of concrete rings that are each 3-4 feet in diameter on top of a 12 story apartment building roof is no small feat, so the Elite team enlisted the help of Nusens to remove it.

How We Did It:
Nusens brought scaffolding to the roof to reach the top of the incinerator stack. The concrete rings on the stack were removed one at a time and dollied across the roof on a buggy.
Mobilization included the secure setup of scaffolding, protection of the existing roof in advance of demolition activities, and the setup of all life safety lines and other working-at-heights provisions. 

The rings were then loaded into heavy-duty poly bags and craned off the roof to a disposal bin at ground level. The roof opening was covered over and we installed insulation and roof membrane over the previous opening for the stack.

 The only access point for this roof area was a small access hatch, which made removal of the machinery difficult. Nusens utilized a small modular hoist that was transported in pieces into the building and then assembled in order to lift the scaffolding (a necessary component to ensure the safety of the demolition). The utilization of this method saved the necessity of a crane for the mobilization phase of the job, which saved our client time and money.  The position of the crane at ground level needed to be planned out to avoid the need for shoring of the underground parking garage.

At Elite, we pride ourselves on bringing the best that the roofing industry has to offer to your building, and that includes working with experienced and trustworthy partners. When you work with our team, we ensure that all aspects of your project are taken care of and that unforeseen circumstances are handled quickly and efficiently. If you’d like to learn more about our partners, click here, or chat with us using the chat box on the right for more information.