Don’t Put off Repairs—Act While the Sun is Shining

Black and white photo of John F Kennedy smiling. His quote on personal growth helps us reflect on proactiveness and relationship building.

You may have heard this popular quote: “The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” This well-known line of President John F. Kennedy’s 1962 State of the Union Address urges us to be proactive, taking action when the problem is small and relatively easy to fix, rather than wait for a crisis, as a part of personal growth.

In the literal sense, the quote tells us to repair a roof prior to point when it is beyond repair and, a source of major active leaks, in good weather–i.e., to move it up on your priority list. Waiting until the rain hits can cause your roof to deteriorate further, require more extensive repairs, be more expensive, and shorten the life of your roof. Too many of our customers have said to us, “If only I hadn’t waited.”  

Are you proactive, or do you put things off?

Of course, President Kennedy wasn’t talking literally about roofing repairs. As a champion of equal rights, lofty goals, and better relationships with global neighbours, JFK encouraged and inspired people to take personal action to change their lives, the lives of others, and the world at large. Kennedy’s speech was a catalyst for resetting the nation’s priorities.

The President’s emphasis on swift action is one we should emulate. Still, even the most proactive person is sometimes guilty of putting things off. Raise your hand if you’ve ever waited until an emergency before acting. I bet every single hand is raised. How many of us have regretted putting things off? Again, lots of hands are raised.

How can we apply Kennedy’s quote to our daily lives?

We intuitively know that when times are good—rather than stressful—we are more likely to have the time and mental energy to take steps that avoid potential problems, fix current ones, and think about a more fulfilling future. It’s easy to apply the metaphor of using sunny weather—when times are stable and seem positive—to make progress in virtually all aspects of our lives.

Here are a few examples for personal growth:

Build Stronger Relationships

Relationships have a better chance of healing when–you guessed it–we attend to problems quickly. We may need help to take stock of the situation, air grievances without hostility, discuss situations without blame, listen to the other’s perspectives, and come up with meaningful solutions that both parties can agree to.  At Elite Roofing we take pride in our long term personal relationships with employees, customers and vendors. 

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Act on Social Issues

Our world has many challenges but small changes and acts of charity and kindness can have an impact far greater than one can ever imagine. Community engagement can change the world one act of kindness at a time.  At Elite Roofing, we take special pride in working on community projects, and we make giving back a priority.   

How can one do this when it is “sunny”? We can be the initiator of the assistance, resources or charity before it is asked of us. Maimonides taught that giving before being asked is on a higher level than giving after being asked. We can speak up for those who cannot do so for themselves. And we can offer an outstretched hand before “the roof caves in” for someone who has fallen on hard times.

Focus on Personal Growth

Is this you or someone you know? “I’ll start to eat better tomorrow.” Just like roof repairs, waiting and ignoring problems only leads to bigger (and more expensive) ones. 

If better health is our goal, instead of “We should eat better,” we can shift to, “We will eat better—starting now.” Whether we’re talking about roofing repairs or health issues, we can’t afford to let other items–especially less important items–block us from achieving our goals, be they better health, learning new skills, or any other worthwhile objective.  

Is the sun shining on your roof now?

President Kennedy’s message is as timely now as it was more than 60 years ago. Act quickly to reach your goals, as soon as circumstances allow. As we enter the coming season, we can strive to be more proactive in experiencing personal growth, positively impacting others, and considering how we can make a difference in the world.

Elite Roofing takes this message to heart, building long-term relationships with everyone we meet. With thoughtful leadership, we encourage our customers to act swiftly when a roofing problem is on the horizon. If you do, however, need an emergency repair, we are here to help you get through, rain or shine.

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