Commercial Roof Repair including industrial flat roof repair
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Commercial Roof in Toronto, Ontario
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Elite Roofing Is Your Emergency Commercial Roof Repair Partner!

Our Roofing Experts Are On Call For Your Business, 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days Per Week.

Elite Roofing is on call 24 hours a day to respond to commercial roof repair emergencies such as roof leaks and provided after-hours emergency service. Immediately notified when a distress call is made, our service crew swiftly arrives on the scene and assesses your roofing situation.

After determining the roofing problem, if a small repair is required, we will permanently fix the leak on the spot. For larger roof repairs, we will provide a temporary fix, and then submit a detailed quote for permanent commercial roof repair.

For commercial, industrial and flat roof emergency repairs, we have the technology in place to respond promptly.
Our service hotline is monitored 24/7, including weekends and holidays.
We have addressed emergency problems including:

Repair of localized issues with membrane splits, tears, punctures and erosion.

Damages caused from roof penetrations including HVAC units, exhaust vents, skylights, solar panels, cellular mounts etc.

Parapet walls & expansion joints – damages caused at roof upturns to exterior walls, expansion joints/roof dividers and knee walls between roof sections.

Efficient removal of ponding water or water-damaged areas of the roof and recommendations for further repairs. 

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Elite Roofing specializes in construction and installation for new commercial and industrial projects. We are skilled in a variety of systems.

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Elite Roofing provides full inspection services for commercial, industrial and multi-unit buildings and official reports for property buyers, sellers, and building owners.

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When repairs are no longer sufficient, we work with you to select a replacement roofing system that fits your specific commercial, industrial or multi-unit building's requirements.