We have worked directly with clients, architects and engineers during the pre-construction phase and on-site construction personnel to improve and optimize roof design.

When preventative maintenance and damage repairs are no longer sufficient to protect the interior of your building, Elite Roofing will work with you to select a replacement roofing system that meets all of your objectives.

Replacing a roof can be costly, which is why each of our projects starts with an initial inspection. Each of our reports is comprehensive, detailing the problem areas your building has and prioritizing high-risk elements for immediate focus.

If your roof has multiple areas of concern, we will provide you with today’s hard cost and tomorrow’s budget numbers.

Working within your budgetary means, we offer innovative financing, billing plans, and scheduling solutions to ensure your project is done in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Roofing Recovery

Roof replacement isn’t the only option for a roofing system approaching the end of its life. Elite Roofing also offers roof recovery services, where feasible, in which we install a new roofing membrane over the top of the existing assembly without removing the existing membrane.

Elite Roofing offers inspection services prior to each of our projects to assess the viability of your roof, and diagnose the need for repairs or replacement recommendations.

Elite Roofing is made up of an experienced and committed industrial and commercial roofing team whose posess highly- specialized and multifaceted professional skill sets. Our Elite group of experts allow us to offer an extensive range of professional services to our customers, making us a one-stop shop for all your industrial and commercial roofing needs.


Elite Roofing in Toronto ensures that your project runs smoothly–with full transparency, regular communication, superior workmanship, and detailed administration.


Elite Roofing is on call 24 hours a day to respond to roof leaks and provides after-hours emergency services for our clients.

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Elite Roofing specializes in construction and installation for new projects. We are skilled in a variety of systems.

Elite Roofing is made up of an experienced and committed industrial and commercial roofing team who possess highly- specialized and multifaceted professional skill sets.


Elite Roofing specializes in the timely manufacture and safe installation of quality
sheet metal.