Roof Maintenance Plans Are Essential For Building Maintenance, Here’s Why

roof maintenance contract paperwork on a desk

Roof maintenance plans are the secret ingredient for catching issues before they become catastrophic to your building, and your insurance premiums. The roof of your building is one of the most essential elements built for its protection. Problems left unattended, for whatever the reason, grow in size and repair cost exponentially.


What Is A Roofing Maintenance Plan? 

A roofing maintenance plan is an agreed upon routine maintenance inspection that your roofing company performs to ensure that your building is in good health. A roof, just like the interior of a building, functions optimally when preventative maintenance occurs. Creating a maintenance plan based on the needs and age of your building can be a crucial step to avoid costly emergency repairs.


Do I Really Need A Roofing Maintenance Plan If My Roof Is Relatively New? 

Roof maintenance plans are important for roofs of any age, especially in Canada, where extreme weather can wreak havoc on your roof. It is true that the older the roof, the more likely it is that there are routine maintenance issues to be addressed. However, even new roofs can experience expensive damage, and most manufacturer warranties on new roofs are only valid if regularly scheduled maintenance is performed and documented.


What Does A Roofing Maintenance Plan Cover? 

Roof maintenance plans are expensive, and can cover as little or as much as the client chooses. Some of the elements of roofing maintenance plans include:

  • A written detailed inspection report complete with digital photos.
  • Capital and current repair budgets.
  • Assess current condition and remaining estimated service life at a point in time.
  • Survey the roof areas to create up-to-date 2D AutoCAD drawings, including all roof sections, where applicable.
  • Thermal Imaging infrared scans.
  • Walk-through of interior premises on a selected basis, where possible.
  • Inspection of the underside of the roof deck substrate on a selected basis, where we have access and the roof deck is visible.
  • Produce roof replacement and repair service history expense reports, where available
  • Visually inspect and report any observations with respect to HVAC equipment, skylights, masonry/brick details, safety anchors etc.
  • Visually inspect and report on any observations, if applicable, relating to:
    • Cellular towers, cabinets, and cable trays.
    • Roof terraces.
    • Solar PV panels and related roof installations.
    • Green roof installation.
  • Complete temporary repairs to active roof leaks, if applicable.
  • Report on roof areas under warranty, if applicable.


Are Repairs & Cleanup Done During Inspections? 

Small repairs and cleaning can be done during the inspection and it is something that is included in our maintenance contracts if the property manager or business owner requests it. Some of the things we do include in our roof maintenance plans:

  • Cleaning debris around existing roof drains.
  • Cleaning  the roof of debris on a “best efforts” basis (including organic vegetation, and other debris such as – lumber, masonry, steel…).
  • Ensuring caulking at storm collars on all tall cones, HSS posts and plumbing vent stacks is adequate.
  • Securing chimney caps at all unit heaters and replace missing ones, as needed.
  • Topping up all pitch pockets with non-shrink rubberized mastic filler.
  • Re-filling all chem curbs with M1 sealant and pourable sealant.
  • Securely install all drain baskets, wherever possible.


Roofing Maintenance Saved This Client From A Big Problem 

picture of damage on roof found during inspection

Pictured above is a section of roof that was left open and exposed to the elements. The damage was caused because of an impact to the deck substrate from the inside of the premises. Our team found this damage while doing a routine inspection, and left unchecked, this would have led to major flooding inside the warehouse below, and significant damage to machinery.  Thanks to their diligence, the problem was averted and there was no issue inside the premises.


Roof Maintenance Reports

After your inspection, our team provides a detailed report with photos and itemized costs for repairs, as well as projected dates for completion. This is a huge asset to most property managers or building owners, because it allows them to schedule non-emergency repairs when convenient.

If you are thinking about a roof maintenance plan for your property but aren’t exactly sure where to start or what your building needs, get in touch with us. Our team of experts is here to help you with all your roofing needs, 24/7. That’s the Elite Roofing advantage.