Shingle Roof Replacement for a 50-Unit Townhouse Complex in Etobicoke

Shingle Roof Townhouse Replacement in Toronto

Shingle Roofing and Aluminum Project 50-Unit Townhouse Complex 


Building Address:  

523-535 Rathburn Road, Toronto 

Located across from Centennial Park

Etobicoke/West Mall neighbourhood


NoVi Engineering Ltd.


The Ask

Larger shingle roof townhouse complexes are a unique building class in the Greater Toronto Metropolitan area and pose their own challenges. This was a large and complex roofing job that included procurement, installation, repair, and replacement of various roofing elements for all 50 units in the complex. Significant substrate repairs presented themselves during the project, leading to unexpected situations for the crew—including some unanticipated safety issues.


525 Rathburn-Toronto Roof Replacement - Elite Roofing and Contractors Limited


Job Requirements

Our work was extensive, involving many roofing processes and materials.

The project included:

  • Removal and replacement of existing pitched roof shingles for all 50 units   
  • Replacement of all of the wood deck substrate for all 50 units
  • Procurement and installation of new baffles inside the attic        
  • Clearing out the batt insulation within the soffit areas to allow for proper soffit venting        
  • Installation of additional roof vents at each unit to improve ventilation
  • Removal and replacement of existing aluminum eavestroughs and downpipes on 34 of the 50 units
  • Installation of localized gutter guards as per direction        
  • Extension of downpipes as directed by the engineer to discharge water runoff away from the foundation walls


Key Shingle Roof Challenges and Solutions

Many jobs have surprises requiring problem-solving and work-arounds, which can be especially difficult with a tight time frame and volatile pricing of materials. Some of the challenges we overcame included:

Tight Time Frame: 

We were awarded a tender on a bid for this project in late March 2022, with a time frame for completion expected by fall 2022. The contractual terms included a schedule of payments that would extend until 2023. 

The owner gave us the flexibility to schedule the first phase of work near the award date and the remainder sometime in the fall. Per the agreement, we obtained a performance bond on labour and material. The client was thrilled that we began work in April and finished the job by mid-August, before the projected completion date.

Unexpected Conditions: 

Unknown to us before the project, there were significant areas of rotten wood substrate that required additional safety measures. In addition, working on a hot roof was not an easy task during an unprecedented summer heatwave where temperatures regularly soared over 30-degrees Celsius.

Rising prices: 

Over the past few years, the industry has encountered several periods of steeply rising prices for materials. During this period, roofing companies have protected themselves with contractual causes that accommodate rising costs. We try our best to stick to our estimate, which has sometimes been difficult in the last few years.

Access and Site Layout: 

The complex had inaccessible blocks within the roof replacement. This situation required us to carry debris to the bins placed in the main centre parking lot area—heavy work, especially in brutal weather conditions.

50-Unit Shingle-Roof Townhouse Complex


Shingle Roof Outcome

We were able to stick to the estimated pricing, complete the project quickly, and provide safety for our workers for four major reasons:

  1. We had the labour resources to start the job soon after it was awarded.
  2. Our experienced, dedicated crew enabled us to complete the job safely and in very good timing.
  3. Our strong relationships with suppliers allowed us to lock in pricing to avoid much of the material increases that came in the months following our delivery of materials to site.
  4. We worked smoothly with the engineer thanks to our project team’s experience and communication skills.



  • Summary: Tear-off and total roof replacement of two-story townhouse complex, with height 20-25 feet above grade
  • Roof cover: BP Mystique 42 shingles (two-tone brown) and related accessories, including Weathertex ice and water membrane and Suredeck synthetic underlayment
  • Vents: slant back aluminum-style vents 
  • Wall Counter Flashings: Pre-painted dark brown metal 


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