image of exhaust fan that has been damaged by grease and oil

Grease And Oil Spills Degrade Roofing Membranes: What You Can Do To Prevent Future Damages

Everyone knows that the elements can do damage to your roof over time. Things like rain and snow and ice could cause significant problems to roofing systems that aren’t installed properly, or do not have a satisfactory positive drainage system. However, chemicals and oil discharges through ventilation equipment mounted on the roof cause their own brand of damage to your roofing membrane. Contaminants on the roof can be difficult to spot, so we’ve broken down how to see them, and what you can do to stop grease and oil from compromising your membranes in the future.

Tapered Insulation Part Two: Design Elements And Considerations

Tapered Insulation Part Two: Design Elements And Considerations

Ponding water, defined as water that remains standing on a roof more than 48 hours after rainfall, is one of the biggest issues that come with having a flat roof. Flat roofs are advantageous for a number of reasons, and are also often the only choice for commercial structures. These roofs offer exceptional protection from the elements if the membrane and insulation layers are installed correctly and efficiently, and this by definition means that rainwater is directed into appropriate drainage systems such as drains, scuppers and/or gutters.

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