The Green Advantage: Consider A Green Roof For Your Commercial Property

The Green Advantage: Consider A Green Roof For Your Commercial Property

You may or may not have heard the term “Green Roof” before, but green roofs have become increasingly popular. What are they? Green roofs are the transformation of traditional flat roofing systems with a vegetative layer grown on top.


So how does a green flat roofing system work?

Green roofs are made up of a waterproofing layer, a root barrier, a drainage system, and some form of growing medium for plants on a basic level, but they can include larger plants and water features if done correctly by roofing experts.


The benefits of green flat roofing system for your commercial property

There are several benefits to having a green flat roofing system. Because green roofing systems protect the roof membrane from UV radiation and harsh weather conditions, they can last far longer than traditional roofing systems. The vegetative layer also keeps temperatures more stable, compared to traditional roofing systems, and this in turn means that the temperature inside your structure remains more stable. Some studies have shown that a green roof can reduce your summer energy consumption by over 75%, an extremely significant energy cost reduction.


Startup Costs

Initial startup costs for green roofs are expensive because of the plant materials and work involved. Green roofing systems require professional design and a structure that will support the incremental load. Green roofing systems are less prone to damage as we explained before, and they also help to keep the energy costs of your entire building down, which could mean substantial savings over time. According to the United States Technical Preservation services;  “Over its estimated lifespan of 40 years a green roof would save about $200,000, of which, nearly two–thirds would come from reduced energy costs.”


How to know if your commercial flat roof can go green

Green roofing systems work best when the roof has less than 30 degrees of slope. Green roofing systems are possible with steeper sloped roofs, but the benefits are not as extensive. If you’re looking to go green, make sure that you consult with experienced professionals. Green roofing systems are fantastic, but if they are installed incorrectly it can be a nightmare for building owners.

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