How to Get the Fastest Response for Warehouse Distribution Centre Emergency Roof Leaks

How to Get the Fastest Response for Warehouse Distribution Centre Emergency Roof Leaks in Toronto.

What’s the best thing to do if you have an emergency leak in your warehouse distribution centre? Most property managers will call a roofing contractor first, unaware that the root of the problem might be the plumbing, HVAC, or even factors external to the building. No matter the cause of the warehouse distribution centre roof leak, if you call a roofer, you want them to get to the bottom of it—fast. Any delay can risk the safety of your building and inventory.

Understanding the process from a roofer’s point of view can help you avoid roadblocks in fixing emergency leaks. While roofing contractors handle emergencies differently, Elite has effective systems that speed up emergency repairs.

Read on to learn why our process provides the rapid response our warehouse customers need in an emergency.


The Process for Warehouse Distribution Centre Leak Repairs

We are experienced working with warehouses in the Toronto area, such as warehouse distribution centres. Emergency notification technology, our step-by-step process, and the dedication and years of experience of our staff ensure our customers get effective help quickly.


Warehouse Distribution Centre Emergency Roof Leaks in the GTA area.


Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Customers put in an Emergency Service Request 

Customers can send us an emergency service request during regular business hours by emailing us at se*****@el**********.com, which is regularly monitored by our office team, or by calling us at 416-743-1908 to notify a member of our operations team.    

After-hours, on weekends, or on statutory holidays, customers can use our se*****@el**********.com email or call our 24/7 service hotline at 416-743-1908.    


STEP 2: Elite Roofing Begins the Intake Process 

We collect all necessary information about the location, including:

  • The address
  • Affected unit number(s)
  • Tenant’s name(s)
  • On-site contact(s)
  • Access codes for lock boxes or roof access hatches
  • Tenant’s hours of operation
  • Details regarding advance notice requirements
  • An accurate description of the problem
  • Other pertinent information


We also identify and obtain:

  • Photos of the leak(s), if available
  • Name(s), email addresses and phone contact(s) for whoever should receive the quotation for repairs
  • The billing party
  • A purchase order, if required


Warehouse Distribution Centre Emergency Roof Leaks in the GTA area.


STEP 3: We Input Data into Our Salesforce Database

After collecting information from the customer, we input it into our Salesforce database. For existing accounts, we check:

  • If we have recently completed work in the same or nearby locations on the property
  • If there are outstanding work orders still pending repair
  • If there are repair quotes on hold still awaiting approval


After inputting the data, we generates and send a work order through Salesforce to one of our service crews for inspection. We minimize driving distances by dividing the service areas into east and west zones.


STEP 4: Our Crew Arrives at Your Warehouse Distribution Centre

Upon arrival, we will meet the designated person to inspect the inside of the premises and assess the condition. Once we know where the leak is, we go to the roof to identify the source of the leak. If possible, we will repair your roof leak, either temporarily or permanently as the situation allows. If the problem is more complicated, we will slow down or arrest the leak as much as possible and then provide a temporary solution until we can provide a quotation for a permanent repair.  Once the quotation is approved then we will schedule the permanent repairs.


What if the Roof isn’t the Source of the Leak?

Our experience has shown that at least two or three out of ten service calls regarding leaks are not from the roof. Other sources of leaks include:

  • Garage overhead doors
  • HVAC equipment
  • Abandoned roof penetrations
  • Masonry walls/chimneys
  • Windows and doors
  • Rainwater leaders
  • Condensation issues [especially in the winter months]
  • Hot water tanks suspended inside ceiling spaces, as well as other plumbing issues


Warehouse Distribution Centre Emergency Roof Leaks in the GTA area.


If we find the roof is not the source of the leak, we will try to resolve the issue to the best of our ability. We will often provide recommendations for trusted industry partners who may be able to solve the problem. Albert Einstein is quoted as having said that if he only had an hour to save the world, he would spend 55 minutes defining the problem and only 5 minutes solving it.


STEP 5: When We Need to Provide a Temporary Solution  

If we repair the roof during the visit, move to Step 5! If not, this step kicks into action. Whether the source is the roof or something else, we do our best to implement a temporary fix. Depending on the rooftop’s water, snow, and ice conditions, we will temporarily seal the leak with one of: roof membrane, roofing mastic, portland cement, elastomeric sealant, or sheet metal. Our crew will often take photos of problems to review with the operations team.


STEP 6: Planning a Permanent Solution to Repair a Complex Warehouse Distribution Centre Roof Leak

Prior to the Elite service office team creating a quotation for permanent repairs, we will prepare a diagram indicating the general location of the leak. We get further insight into the problem and best solutions for resolution of the issues by subscribing to digital services that update aerial imagery on a yearly basis. 

Warehouse Distribution Centre Emergency Roof Leaks in Toronto.

STEP 7: Providing an Accurate Quote

We want to provide a permanent solution as quickly as possible. We promptly prepare quotes for permanent repairs and send them to the responsible parties for approval. Depending on their findings, our crew may recommend a full roof inspection. Other times, we need to send over an estimator to provide a quote to replace some or all of the affected roof area.


Rely on Elite Roofing to Stop Warehouse Distribution Centre Roof Leaks

We are the premier roofing company for Toronto-area industrial and commercial properties. If you have an emergency roof leak in your warehouse distribution centre, there’s no need to panic—Elite’s speedy and reliable emergency crew are ready to help 24/7. While leaks happen, our goal is always to prevent leaks before they happen. Call or contact us here 24/7 to learn about our full range of services.